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Run, Dick, Run

February 25, 2010

Maybe if Darth Elephant does choose to run in 2012, those wimpy Donkeys will finally show some spine. More likely though, they will continue interpreting the elections of awful Elephants like Fat Blowhard, Hot Stuff and Boring McGee, as reason for more nauseating attempts at bipartisanship. Kitties understand that the election of these three boobs has much more to do with local politics, lackluster Donkeys and high unemployment than any supposed desire to move to the God awful middle. Darth Elephant 2012!


Tranny, Puke and Box!

February 22, 2010
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Poor Kitty!

Was this the offending tranny?

Kitty Gets HOT!

February 19, 2010

Kitty Does NOT like Sea Rise

These fuckin’ Donkeys and Elephants, they must like the warm temperatures as much as they like money from dirty coal companies. Well this large’n’lovely has plenty of fur and truthfully, a smidgeon of extra body weight, so warmer temperatures do not sound fun! If we wanted to live in swampy hell holes, we would move our litter boxes to Florida.  Besides, Kitty DOES NOT like water, so rising sea levels scare the shit out of Kitty.

Kitty has a message for the Donkeys in charge: Pretty Kitties want real action on climate change, not photo ops in Copenhagen.

Pretty Kitties Want the Reforms!

February 19, 2010

Nurse Kitty wishes they'd pass the damn bill.

The Donkeys and Elephants havent given the Kitties the reforms like they promised. This makes Kitties angry! If they’re not careful, Pretty Kitties will scratch their eyes out!

The Kitties voted for the Donkeys, because the Donkeys told the Kitties during the election year, “Kitty, a dirty litter box will no longer be a pre-existing condition, and you can get the insurances,” and “I know about your embarrassing fur vomit problem, we’ll pass the reforms so you can fix it!” Kitties liked the sound of that. But those Donkeys turned out to be do-nothing filthy liars!

Other Nurse Kitty: "What the fuck is taking so long?"

And the Elephants wouldn’t even talk to Kitty – Kitty has black fur – so Kitty never expected to get anything from them. Elephants dont seem to like anything.   The Pretty Kitties don’t understand this – we just want the reforms we were promised! 
Pretty Kitties are fed up! We want our reforms of the health cares! Kitties say: GIVE IT!